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Episode 1 : Deadbolt Installation; Hedge Trimming; Installing an Indirect Hot Water Hea Episode 2 : Newel Renewal; What Is It?; Replacing a Water Heater Episode 3 : Building a Slate Walkway; What Is It?; Repairing a Shower Stall Leak Episode 4 : Fixing a Hole; What Is It?; Replacing a 14-inch Rough-in Toilet Episode 5 : Installing a Drywell/What Is It?/Getting a Grip Episode 6 : Trimming a Window/Camouflaging Utility Boxes/What Is It?/Kitchen Faucet Spray Episode 7 : Planting Groundcover/Opening Stuck Windows Episode 8 : Installing a Prefinished Engineered Floor/Replacing a Sink Stopper Episode 9 : Removing Poison Ivy/What Is It?/Installing Shingles on an Outside Corner Episode 10 : Repairing a Flue and Installing a Chimney Liner/What Is It?/Preventing Toilet Tank Condensation Episode 11 : Installing a Stairway Handrail/What Is It?/Transplanting a Rhododendron Episode 12 : Drip Irrigation Repair/What Is It?/Repairing a Leaky Tile Tub Episode 13 : Quieting Squeaky Hardwood Floors/What Is It?/Building Timber Stairs Episode 14 : Installing a Walkway/What Is It?/Cutting Accurate Miters Episode 15 : Repairing Sliding Closet Doors/What Is It?/Electric Radiant Heat/Selecting Paint Colors Episode 16 : Testing Water Quality/What Is It?/Replacing a Damaged Floorboard Episode 17 : Snaking Speaker Wire/What Is It?/Planting a Tree Episode 18 : Deterring Deer/PVC Pipe Connections/What Is It?/Fixing a Sagging Shower Door Episode 19 : Cutting Glass/Planting Climbing Vines/What Is It?/Installing a Portable Air Conditioner Episode 20 : Installing a Programmable Thermostat/What Is It?/Repairing a Plaster and Lath Wall Episode 21 : Fixing a Steam Radiator/What Is It?/Preparing Raised Garden Beds for Winter Episode 22 : Installing Curved Molding/Buying Wire by the Foot/What Is It?/Making Maple Syrup Episode 23 : Installing Radiant Heat/What Is It?/Preparing Aluminum Siding for Paint Episode 24 : Installing Radiant Heat/What Is It?/Preparing Aluminum Siding for Paint Episode 25 : Investigating Copper Pipe Corrosion/What Is It?/Weather Stripping a Drafty Door Episode 26 : Repairing a Door Jamb and Installing a Storm Door/What Is It?/Selecting Garden Tools

Ask This Old House Season 2

The crew at This Old House take on some pretty big projects, which means they can only work on one or two houses a year. But homeowners have a virtual truckload of questions on smaller projects, and the This Old House crew is ready to answer. Ask This Old House solves the steady stream of home improvement problems faced by viewers - and the crew even makes house calls!

Genre: Documentary

Networks: PBS

Release: 2003-10-09

Status: Returning Series

Episode: 404 Episodes

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Rating: 3.3

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