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Episode 1 : Seven Years Later! Starting Today, Gohan Is a High School Student Episode 2 : A New Hero, Great Saiyaman, Is Born! Episode 3 : Gohan the Teacher! Videl's Flying Technique Tutorial Episode 4 : The Dragon Team Fully Assembled! Goku Has Come Back! Episode 5 : Everyone is Surprised! Goten and Trunks' Super Battle! Episode 6 : Restless Foreboding A Mysterious Warrior Appears! Episode 7 : What Happened, Piccolo? An Unexpected Outcome in the First Round Episode 8 : Videl Battered: Gohan's Fury Reaches Its Limit! Episode 9 : The Terrifying Secret of the Majin. The Mastermind Revealed! Episode 10 : The Nefarious Wizard Babidi and Demon King Dabura's Trap Episode 11 : Don't Sell Super Saiyans Short! Vegeta and Goku's Full-Bore Power! Episode 12 : Whither Victory? A Battle Royal Championship Match! Episode 13 : Stunning Youngsters! No. 18's Uphill Battle Episode 14 : Enter the Headliner! The Looming Demon King! Episode 15 : A Heart of Evil Awakened; Vegeta, Prince of Destruction Episode 16 : I am the Strongest! The Clash of Goku vs. Vegeta Episode 17 : Countdown to Revival, Crush Babidi’s Ambitions! Episode 18 : The Seal Is Broken!? Gohan's Last-Ditch Kame Hame Ha Episode 19 : A Straight Line to Despair!? Terror of Majin Buu Episode 20 : Turn Into Sweets! A Hungry Majin's Weird Power Episode 21 : I'll Take Care of the Majin, Vegeta's Final Desperate Battle! Episode 22 : For Those Whom He Loves... The Last Moment of the Proud Warrior! Episode 23 : The Nightmare Returns, The Immortal Monster, Majin Buu! Episode 24 : Secret Plan to Defeat Buu, Its Name is Fusion! Episode 25 : A Faint Hope in Sight! The Warriors Wake Up!! Episode 26 : Find the Nuisances, Babidi's Revenge Plan Begins!! Episode 27 : The Time of Ordeal, Attain the Legendary Power! Episode 28 : Delay Majin Buu, The Limit! Super Saiyan 3!! Episode 29 : Standing Up For Himself, Buu's Rebellion! Episode 30 : Awful Looking!? Special Training, Fusion Pose! Episode 31 : Bye-Bye Everyone!! Son Goku Returns to the Other World Episode 32 : Found You, Gohan! Harsh Training in the Realm of the Kais! Episode 33 : Birth! Combine Super Warrior, His Name is Gotenks!! Episode 34 : Who Will Be the One to Defeat the Majin? The Beginning of the Strongest Man!! Episode 35 : The Power-Up Continues!? Perfected! Super Gotenks!

ドラゴンボール改「カイ」 Season 5

Rejoin Goku and his friends in a series of cosmic battles! Toei has redubbed, recut, and cleaned up the animation of the original 1989 animated series. The show's story arc has been refined to better follow the comic book series on which it is based. The show also features a new opening and ending. In the series, martial artist Goku, and his various friends, battle increasingly powerful enemies to defend the world against evil. Can Earth's defender defeat demons, aliens, and other villains?

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Animation, Action & Adventure, Comedy

Networks: Fuji TV

Release: 2014-04-06

Status: Ended

Episode: 158 Episodes

Duration: 26 min

Quality: HD

Rating: 5.6

Season : 0
Season : 1
Season : 2
Season : 3
Season : 4
Season : 5
Season : 6
Season : 7